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"Life is not about making one great big contribution, it is about making a number of small contributions great."

The GEM Network’s quest is to empower many through generosity. We have built a platform for individuals and families to plug into opportunities where they can make a difference and help shape the world.

Our tagline says it best – ‘Life is not about making one great big contribution, it is about making a number of small contributions great.’ Simple acts of generosity become transformative acts. Those acts are what fuel us. Those interactions give us promise.

Generosity Empowers Many . . . When you lead with generosity, YOU will receive as much benefit, if not more, than the recipient.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has." 

- Margaret Mead

GEM of an Event

A GEM of an Event was put together, to bring people together, to educate and raise awareness about organizations that are changing the world. A GEM of an Event will remind you how easy it is to be generous.  We are all genetically wired to be generous but often ‘life’ gets in the way.  Here you have an outlet to help make a difference, while sharing that experience with friends and other like-minded people.

To learn more about opportunities to be generous, please contact us at info@gemnetwork.org.

Empowering Organizations

The GEM Network is proud and honored to spotlight organizations that empower others to get involved in their quest to have a major impact on a global stage. While these organizations are different, their passion and relentless pursuit are not.


Founded by Jay and Betty Van Andel, Van Andel Institute’s goal is to have an impact world-wide on medical science and education. The Institute supports Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) and Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) in achieving this goal.

WHO IS THE International Student Foundation?

The mission of The International Student Foundation (ISF) is to provide scholarships, mentoring and leadership training for select foster care and orphaned students…raising up leaders of influence. The organization envisions thousands of foster care and orphaned students transformed into successful leaders, thriving professionally and impacting communities around the world.

WHO IS THE Folds of Honor Foundation?

Of the one million-plus dependents adversely affected by deployments, nearly nine out of 10 do not qualify for federal scholarship assistance. Since 2007, the Folds of Honor has carried forth this singular, noble mission. To close the gap, providing educational support to spouses and children of America’s fallen and wounded soldiers.

Vitamin G

Many scientists have concluded that Vitamins are essential in enhancing lives and lifting one’s energy.  The GEM Network has concluded that Vitamin G (Generosity) will increase the quality of your life and those you come in contact with. Here you can get a subscription for free.


Vitamin G is very addicting and highly contagious! Vitamin G is a dose of Generosity that you should take every morning. It helps you put Generosity at the forefront of your busy day. When you begin “taking” your daily dose of Vitamin G, life-changing events start happening. Please don’t be alarmed as this is natural.

To find your daily dose–click here.

What is a GEM Ambassador

  • They are experienced and successful professionals who put generosity at the forefront of their business.
  • They draw inspiration and energy from helping others.
  • They understand that generosity produces profound transformation.
  • They recognize that being generous, purposeful, and well-rounded when reaching out and giving back to their community will help themselves grow.
  • They benefit from collaborating with other like-minded professionals who believe that Generosity Empowers Many.
  • Interested in becoming an Ambassador – Contact Us.

Contact us for more information: